How It Works

The simple way to sell your car privately.

List Your Vehicle

Create your FREE listing on PrivateAuto (and any other listing site) to attract maximum attention to your car. When it comes time to receive offers and do a deal, PrivateAuto is the place. Oh, and enjoy our included window brochure if you decide to advertise your car on the side of the road.

Manage Offers

Decide which offers you want to entertain and easily Accept, Reject, or Counter until you land on the right number. If the buyer originates from another website, not a problem, just send them a link to your offer page on PrivateAuto.

Know Your Buyers

PrivateAuto works hard to protect buyers and sellers from potential fraud that’s why we verify email, phone, and drivers license. For the Premium Banking option, sellers even have the option to “verify buyer funds” to avoid the tire kickers wasting your time.

Reccomend Test Drive Location and Time

Eliminate the back and forth texting and provide upfront direction regarding a recommended test drive or inspection location and available hours. Make it easy for the buyer to select a time that already works for you.

Sign Documents

PrivateAuto comes pre-loaded with the required state documents to sell your vehicle. Right from the app, easily review and electonically sign the Bill of Sale and any other required documents.

Close and Get Paid

Once required steps in the app are completed and dual consent is provided by both parties, the seller instantly receives payment with our integrated banking option. Close the sale with confidence and receive a transaction receipt for your records.